Smart Home

With a Smart Home from Secure Alarm Systems your home's security, surveillance, automation, and life safety devices will be accessible from any of your smart devices anywhere in the world (with Internet!)
Arm/Disarm your system from your phone.
View your cameras from any smart device.

Need to let someone in? Or forgot to lock your door? Lock and Unlock your doors easily with any smart device.
Forgot to turn your heating or AC off? Easily change temperature or heating/cooling mode right from your phone.
Left a light on? Turn if off from your phone or have it turn off automatically when your Smart Home knows you're not home

Control Your Home

With our interactive services package you'll be able to turn lights on or off, adjust thermostats, lock/unlock doors, view a live feed of your cameras, as well as automate the whole process.
Need to let someone in? Forgot to Lock-up? Lock/Unlock doors with the click of a button
Adjust thermostats remotely, or have them automatically adjust based on when your home or not

Turn on/off lights from anywhere, set-up schedules, turn on/off whole groups of lights at once, have lights turn on/off with motion in a room or a door opening
Get alerts when unusual or suspicious activity is happening in view of your cameras, and view a live feed immediately

Attach Amazon Alexa to your system and control everything with your voice